The primary venue for community outside of Sunday services, is our Meal Groups. Meal Groups provide an opportunity for fellowship outside of Sunday, but they also offer a place to explore the Scriptures together and to pray for one another. We structure our smaller group communities around the family table, much like our Worship is centered around God's family table. With this in mind, in both environments, one of our primary values is hospitality.

Our groups operate on a semester schedule. They are in session from September-November and from February-May. We offer larger group classes during the off times and look forward to exploring specific issues together.

Current Meal Groups

Edgewood group

Hosts: Kurt & Jenny Entzminger and Ian Henry
Location: 602 Peterson Dr., Charleston, WV. 25302
Schedule: Every 3rd Monday starting 6/11/2018
Time: 6:30p

South Hills group 1

Hosts: Kip & Elizabeth Power
Location: 1511 Bedford Rd., Charleston, WV  25314
Schedule: Every other Monday starting 6/11/2018
Time: 6:30p

South hills group 2

Hosts: Matthew & Liz Bonar
Location: 1718 Rolling Hills Rd., Charleston, WV 25314
Schedule: Every other Thursday starting 6/14/2018
Time: 6p

Meal Groups Calendar

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