Our worship is shaped by the historic worship practices of the Church, practices that have fed the people of God for thousands of years. Through liturgy, we give thanks to God, remembering all that he has done and affirming all that he continues to do. If you are confused by any of the liturgical elements of the service, don’t feel ashamed, we are all learning what it means to be creatures of worship.

If you join us in worship you can expect the following elements. 

PROCESSION - We begin our service with a procession following the cross. This procession teaches us from the very beginning of the service that Christ is our King not the powers of this world. This is who we want to be as a church, those who are led by King Jesus.

SONGS - Our music is a mixture of ancient hymns and more recently written songs. Our hope is that this teaches us to remember those who have gone before, while looking forward to those who do not yet know Christ.

SCRIPTURE - Every week we hear from God's Word as we read out loud from the Old and New Testaments.

SERMON - The scriptures for the week is explained with the intention of helping us to better follow Christ.

CREED - One of the historic creeds is said in unison as we remind ourselves of our common faith.

PRAYERS OF THE PEOPLE - Each week we ask God to show His mercy on our selves, our city, and our world. 

CONFESSION AND ABSOLUTION - In Christ we are set free to be honest before God, so we confess our sins and are reminded of God's forgiveness.

PEACE - After being assured of the forgiveness of Christ, we are then free to make peace with one another in the knowledge of what has been forgiven us.

OFFERING - Seeing how much has been given to us, we can then freely give of the blessings God has given us. 

CONSECRATION - The bread and wine are prayed over as we prepare to come to the Lord's Table.

LORD'S PRAYER - We pray together with the words Jesus taught us to pray.

COMMUNION - At this time, we come forward to receive the bread and wine of Holy Communion. As we receive, we believe that we are being spiritually fed by Christ.

BENEDICTION - After we have been spiritually nourished by Jesus, we are then commissioned to go out into the world to extend God's grace and forgiveness to others.

RECESSION - We end the service much like it began, but in reverse direction. As we have followed the cross as we gather to be fed by Word and Sacrament, we now follow it back out into the world as missionaries in our city.